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The European Society of International Law (ESIL) is a dynamic network of researchers, scholars and practitioners in the field of international law. The Society’s goals are to encourage the study of international law, to foster inquiry, discussion and innovation in international law, and to promote a greater understanding of the role of international law in the world today.

The vital role of law in responding to processes of globalization, and the growing importance of developing a shared understanding within Europe in relation to a wide range of international legal issues, underscore the need for a forum that will facilitate greater interaction among European international lawyers. To this end, ESIL seeks to develop much closer links between those working in the international law field in Western Europe and their counterparts in Eastern and Central Europe. This need will be all the more marked in response to the expansion of membership of the European Union and the proposed adoption of institutional arrangements designed to enhance Europe’s voice in international affairs. This evolution in EU law and practice should be complemented and reinforced by the emergence of an increasingly integrated community of European international lawyers.

The Society has provided a forum for the exchange and promotion of new ideas ever since the inaugural meeting in 2004 in Florence, and ESIL events and publications continue to illustrate the breadth and range of members’ interests and activities. There has been a major ESIL event in a different venue each year since the Society was set up: Geneva (2005), Paris (2006), Budapest (2007), Heidelberg (2008), Helsinki (2009), Cambridge (2010), Tallinn (2011), Valencia (2012), Amsterdam (2013), Vienna (2014), Oslo (2015), Riga (2016) Naples (2017), Manchester (2018) and Athens (2019). Future conferences are scheduled in Stockholm (2021), Utrecht (2022) and Aix-en-Provence (2023).
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