Method of Levels Therapy: Designing an accreditation process from first principles

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Method of Levels (MOL) therapy is a transdiagnostic approach based on Perceptual Control Theory (PCT) that has shown promising results in treating a wide range of mental health issues. While interest in MOL increases, a systematic accreditation procedure is lacking, which limits its widespread adoption and use. In this presentation, we will share how we are in the process of designing an accreditation procedure for MOL therapy. This will enable MOL practitioners to develop, test, and prove their proficiency in MOL conversations.
The backbone of the accreditation procedure is a scale that allows practitioners to review their practice after each session to ensure that the session was balanced according to four dimensions we identified as important in facilitating effective reorganisation. Keeping the client in control (CONTROL), providing an open space for exploration (EXPLORE), bringing all involved perceptions into awareness (NOTICE) and helping the client sustain awareness on what is bothering them (SUSTAIN). The scale has been developed based on MOL literature and earlier scales in an iterative Delphi study and practitioners are involved in the continuous development of the accreditation procedure. Accreditation candidates would use the scale and an evaluation from their client to reflect on their MOL session. In addition to this, an experienced peer will evaluate a video recording and mark the reflection report which candidates would be required to submit when seeking to achieve accreditation.
Our goal with this accreditation procedure is to provide MOL practitioners with the freedom to choose a suitable way to acquire proficient MOL skills. Additionally, the structured accreditation procedure secures the quality of accredited MOL practitioners. In this presentation we will outline the procedure and share the results of the first pilot.

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Period8 Sept 2023
Event title3rd International Conference on Transdiagnostic Approaches to Mental Health
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