Podcast 'Doing Experimental Media Archaeology'



The DEMA (“Doing Experimental Media Archaeology”) project studies the potential of hands-on experimentation as a means of better understanding and experiencing the materiality and use practices of old media technologies. Musician Aleksander Kolkowski, media historian Tim van der Heijden and C²DH Director Andreas Fickers spoke to Hanna Siemaszko, the producer of the SciLux podcast on science in Luxembourg, about their experiences and their thoughts on experimental media archaeology as a practical and sensorial approach to media historiography.

Period29 Jun 2023

Media contributions


Media contributions


  • experimental media archaeology
  • media history
  • Kinora
  • Pathé Baby
  • 9.5mm film
  • sound technologies
  • Cartavox
  • HMV
  • hands-on