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  • Test Informed Learning with Examples assignments repository

    Doorn, N. (Creator), Vos, T. (Creator) & Marín, B. (Creator), Zenodo, 10 Sep 2021


  • Physiological parameters for three farm animal species (cattle, sheep, and swine) as the basis for the development of generic physiologically based kinetic models

    Hoeks, S. (Contributor), Oldenkamp, R. (Contributor), Dorne, J. L. C. M. (Contributor), Ragas, A. M. J. (Contributor), Lautz, L. S. (Contributor) & Hendriks, A. J. (Contributor), Zenodo, 3 Oct 2019


  • Study strategies in secondary school

    Dirkx, K. (Creator), Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS), 16 Jan 2019


  • Data for: Social-ecological assessment of Lake Manyara basin, Tanzania: a mixed method approach

    Munishi, L. (Contributor), Brendonck, L. (Contributor), Vanhove, M. P. M. (Contributor), Janssens de Bisthoven, D. B. L. (Creator), Nhiwatiwa, T. (Contributor), Henok, S. (Contributor), Steensels, A. (Contributor), Hugé, J. (Contributor), Verbesselt, S. (Contributor), Casier, B. (Contributor), Komakech, H. (Contributor), Wynants, M. (Contributor), Kiwango, Y. A. (Contributor), Malan-Meerkotter, M. (Contributor), Rochette, A. (Contributor), Kaitila, R. (Contributor) & Machunda, R. (Contributor), Mendeley Data, 28 Apr 2020


  • Aachen-Heerlen Annotated Steel Microstructure Dataset

    Pujar, G. (Contributor), Ackermann, M. (Contributor), Iren, D. (Creator), Krupp, U. (Creator), Bromuri, S. (Creator), Gorfer, J. (Creator) & Wesselmecking, S. (Creator), figshare, 19 May 2021


  • Data for: Learning Analytics in European Higher Education-Trends and Barriers

    Jivet, I. (Contributor), Delgado Kloos, C. (Contributor), Tsai, Y. (Contributor), Mu?oz-Merino, P. J. (Contributor), Scheffel, M. (Contributor), Drachsler, H. (Contributor), Moreno-Marcos, P. M. (Contributor), Rates, D. (Contributor) & Ga?evi?, D. (Contributor), Mendeley Data, 20 May 2020


  • Metadata record for: COVIDiSTRESS Global Survey dataset on psychological and behavioural consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak

    Tuominen, J. (Contributor), Noreika, V. (Contributor), Kosza?kowska, K. (Contributor), Reynoso-Alc?ntara, V. (Contributor), Yeh, Y. (Contributor), Martinez, L. (Contributor), Lentoor, A. G. (Contributor), Studzinska, A. (Contributor), Sahin, H. (Contributor), Shani, M. (Contributor), Dubrov, D. (Contributor), Taranu, M. (Contributor), Nezkusilova, J. (Contributor), Nikolova, I. (Contributor), Morales-Izquierdo, S. (Contributor), Scarpaci, A. (Contributor), Mola, D. J. (Contributor), Buji?, M. (Contributor), Kumaga, R. (Contributor), Sanli, A. M. (Contributor), Bavolar, J. (Contributor), Mamede, S. (Contributor), Kavanagh, P. S. (Contributor), Nebel, S. (Contributor), Ortiz, M. V. (Contributor), ?en?k, J. (Contributor), Sungailaite, E. (Contributor), Gautreau, G. (Contributor), Rasmussen, J. (Contributor), Gonz?lez, R. F. (Contributor), St?ckli, S. (Contributor), Bhandari, P. (Contributor), Aquino, S. (Contributor), Ermagan-Caglar, E. (Contributor), Deschrijver, E. (Contributor), Szebeni, Z. (Contributor), Contreras-Ib??ez, C. C. (Contributor), Blackburn, A. M. (Contributor), Bircan, T. (Contributor), Sechi, C. (Contributor), De Leon, G. A. (Contributor), Hanusz, K. (Contributor), Ahmed, O. (Contributor), Cyrus-Lai, W. (Contributor), Kosa, M. (Contributor), Reyna, C. (Contributor), Travaglino, G. A. (Contributor), Ch?ng, B. (Contributor), Dranseika, V. (Contributor), Yaneva, T. (Contributor), Marot, T. A. (Contributor), Zerhouni, O. (Contributor), Lee, Y. (Contributor), Correa, P. S. (Contributor), Lins, S. (Contributor), Pankowski, D. (Contributor), Dilekler, ?. (Contributor), West, J. N. (Contributor), Ju?rez, F. P. (Contributor), Ihaya, K. (Contributor), Meshi, D. (Contributor), Amin, R. (Contributor), Cakal, H. (Contributor), Areias, J. C. (Contributor), Pummerer, L. (Contributor), Naidu, P. A. (Contributor), ?epuli?, D. (Contributor), Griffin, A. (Contributor), Ikizer, G. (Contributor), Lieberoth, A. (Contributor), Say?lan, G. (Contributor), Wu, C. K. S. (Contributor), Flis, I. (Contributor), Consortium, C. G. S. (Creator), Wang, A. H. (Contributor), Tran, T. P. (Contributor), Romano, E. (Contributor), Lin, S. (Contributor), Bamwesigye, D. (Contributor), Jha, S. (Contributor), Aruta, J. J. B. R. (Contributor), Gelp?, R. (Contributor), Byrne, G. (Contributor), Natividade, J. C. (Contributor), Han, H. (Contributor), Delgado-Garcia, G. (Contributor), Kalinova, K. (Contributor), Najmussaqib, A. (Contributor), Boullu, L. (Contributor), Caniëls, M. C. J. (Contributor), Tag, B. (Contributor), Makaveeva, T. (Contributor), Islam, M. N. (Contributor), Lacko, D. (Contributor), Musliu, A. (Contributor), Coll-Mart?n, T. (Contributor), Chrona, S. (Contributor), Vestergren, S. (Contributor), L?pez, C. R. C. (Contributor), Cristofori, I. (Contributor), Hubena, B. (Contributor), Hristova, D. (Contributor), Pennato, T. (Contributor), Shata, A. (Contributor), Kowal, M. (Contributor), Chen, F. (Contributor), Turk, F. (Contributor), Uddin, M. K. (Contributor), Sinha, N. (Contributor), Capelos, T. (Contributor), Sikka, P. (Contributor), Hakim, M. A. (Contributor), Ninaus, M. (Contributor), Mari, S. (Contributor), Yamada, Y. (Contributor), P?rko, M. (Contributor), Lys, A. E. (Contributor), Debove, S. (Contributor), Ozery, D. H. (Contributor), Tisocco, F. (Contributor), Rachev, N. R. (Contributor), Vilar, R. (Contributor), Kacmar, P. (Contributor), Jeftic, A. (Contributor), Uzelac, E. (Contributor), Ho, Y. W. (Contributor), D?az, C. (Contributor), Eichel, K. (Contributor), Bender, A. R. (Contributor) & Mahlungulu, S. (Contributor), figshare, 4 Jan 2021


  • Data from: Crop pests and predators exhibit inconsistent responses to surrounding landscape composition

    Zou, Y. (Creator), Pluess, T. (Creator), Chabert, A. (Creator), Incl?n, D. J. (Creator), van Trinh, M. (Contributor), Iv, P. (Creator), Ple?as, M. (Contributor), Nash, M. (Creator), Tschumi, M. (Creator), Plantegenest, M. (Contributor), Getachew, A. (Creator), Henri, D. C. (Creator), Mart?nez-Salinas, A. (Creator), Gagic, V. (Creator), Schneider, G. (Creator), Sargent, C. (Creator), Pywell, R. F. (Creator), Le Ralec, A. (Creator), Jonsson, M. (Creator), Zhang, W. (Creator), O?Rourke, M. E. (Creator), Meehan, T. D. (Creator), Yasuda, M. (Creator), Takada, M. B. (Creator), Philpott, S. M. (Creator), Stutz, S. (Creator), Tscharntke, T. (Creator), Raymond, L. (Creator), Adler, L. S. (Creator), Entling, M. H. (Creator), Karp, D. S. (Creator), Jacot, K. (Creator), Woodcock, B. A. (Creator), Gonthier, D. J. (Creator), Ouin, A. (Creator), Wickens, V. J. (Creator), Taki, H. (Creator), Pak, D. (Creator), Poveda, K. (Creator), Goodell, P. B. (Creator), Birkhofer, K. (Creator), Ragsdale, D. W. (Creator), Ricci, B. (Creator), Sarthou, J. (Creator), Vierling, K. T. (Creator), Rosenheim, J. A. (Creator), Carri?re, Y. (Creator), Mace, K. (Creator), Hajian-Forooshani, Z. (Creator), Schellhorn, N. A. (Creator), Wratten, S. D. (Creator), Huseth, A. S. (Creator), Menozzi, P. (Creator), Parry, H. (Creator), Valantin-Morison, M. (Creator), Petit, S. (Creator), Frank, T. (Creator), Cayuela, L. (Creator), Whitney, K. S. (Creator), Saulais, J. (Creator), Wickens, J. B. (Creator), Keasar, T. (Creator), Molina-Montenegro, M. A. (Creator), Dormann, C. F. (Creator), Carvalheiro, L. G. (Creator), Bommarco, R. (Creator), Potts, S. G. (Creator), Schmidt, N. P. (Creator), Lavandero, B. (Creator), ?stman, ?. (Creator), Marini, L. (Creator), Fiedler, D. (Creator), Molina, G. A. R. (Creator), Martin, E. A. (Creator), Herrmann, J. D. (Creator), Xiao, H. (Creator), Martinson, H. M. (Creator), Franck, P. (Creator), Tamburini, G. (Creator), Peterson, J. A. (Creator), de Kraker, J. (Contributor), Perez-Alvarez, R. (Creator), van der Werf, W. (Contributor), Desneux, N. (Creator), Eckberg, J. O. (Creator), Cortesero, A. M. (Creator), van Veen, F. J. F. (Contributor), Thomson, L. J. (Creator), Centrella, M. (Creator), Graziosi, I. (Creator), Costamagna, A. C. (Creator), Szendrei, Z. (Creator), Letourneau, D. K. (Creator), Kishinevsky, M. (Creator), Bat?ry, P. (Creator), Perovi?, D. J. (Creator), DeClerck, F. (Creator), Gurr, G. M. (Creator), Larsen, A. E. (Creator), Kaser, J. M. (Creator), Jones, L. (Creator), Paredes, D. (Creator), Madeira, F. (Creator), Landis, D. A. (Creator), Diehl, E. (Creator), Hunt, L. (Creator), Tsafack, N. (Creator), Parsa, S. (Creator), Mader, V. (Creator), Lemessa, D. (Creator), Luttermoser, T. (Creator), Caballero-L?pez, B. (Creator), Bohnenblust, E. W. (Creator), Johnson, G. A. (Creator), Kim, T. N. (Creator), Werling, B. P. (Creator), Iverson, A. L. (Creator), De la Mora, A. (Contributor), Rusch, A. (Creator), Ingrao, A. J. (Creator), Martinez, E. (Creator), O?Neal, M. E. (Creator), Rand, T. A. (Creator), Baveco, J. M. (Creator), Sivakoff, F. S. (Creator), Groves, R. L. (Creator), Sch?ckermann, J. (Creator), Brewer, M. J. (Creator), Ortiz-Martinez, S. (Creator), Lu, Y. (Creator), Sch?epp, C. (Creator), Gratton, C. (Creator), Albrecht, M. (Creator), Tricault, Y. (Creator), Diek?tter, T. (Creator), ?etkovi?, A. (Creator), Yoshioka, A. (Creator), Kaiser, M. (Creator), Wyckhuys, K. (Creator), Garratt, M. P. D. (Creator), Smith, H. G. (Creator), Anjum, M. Z. (Creator), Chaplin-Kramer, R. (Creator), Grab, H. (Creator), Mitchell, M. G. E. (Creator), Angelella, G. M. (Creator), Lavigne, C. (Creator), Bianchi, F. J. J. A. (Creator), Heimpel, G. E. (Creator), Lubin, Y. (Creator), Miyashita, T. (Creator), Pons, X. (Creator), Liere, H. (Creator), Avelino, J. (Creator), Opatovsky, I. (Creator), Alignier, A. (Creator) & Maas, B. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 2018


  • Dataset systematic review: arts therapies in forensic care

    Abbing, A. (Creator), Haeyen, S. (Contributor), Nyapati, S. (Contributor), Verboon, P. (Contributor) & van Hooren, S. (Contributor), Mendeley Data, 12 Dec 2022