Aachen-Heerlen Annotated Steel Microstructure Dataset

  • Gaurav Pujar (Contributor)
  • Marc Ackermann (Contributor)
  • Deniz Iren (Creator)
  • Ulrich Krupp (Creator)
  • Stefano Bromuri (Creator)
  • Julian Gorfer (Creator)
  • Sebastian Wesselmecking (Creator)



This dataset consists of TIFF and PNG microscopy images of matrensite-austenite structures on steel surfaces. Accompanying files include expert annotations of these structures that are associated with the images in the dataset. Specifically, steel specimen metadata, expert point-of-interest (POI) coordinates, expert polygon drawings around martensite-austenite structures are included. Additionally, computed morphological characteristics are also provided. CSV files include POI and polygon coordinates associated with each image. pickle files can be loaded with Python as Pandas Dataframes and easily visualized and processed. Accompanying software code can be found at GitHub https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4075550
Date made available19 May 2021

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