Europeana CRAFTED-DEMA dataset



Dataset published on Europeana with 202 items (images, videos, sound recordings, 3D and 360 degree objects) of various analogue media technologies, including a Kinora viewer, Pathé 9.5mm and Kodak 16mm film cameras, projectors and reels, Super 8 film technologies, Stentorphone and Auxetophone valved sound boxes, Cartavox sound postcard recorder, HMV 2300H portable disc recorder, Nagra portable audio recorder, Edison 'Fireside' Phonograph and wax cylinders, Wilcox-Gay 1C10 Recordio hybrid tape and disc recorder, and Improved Phantasmagoria Lanterns.

The dataset, created within the framework of the CRAFTED project for the domain 'analogue media production', includes a range of materials produced within the DEMA research project from the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C2DH) of the University of Luxembourg. The dataset was prepared by Tim van der Heijden on behalf of the Open University of the Netherlands as intermediate provider and partner in the CRAFTED project.

About the CRAFTED project:
Date made available5 Sept 2023

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