Maternal Postpartum Work Resumption Stress: Questionnaire Development and Validation

  • Ana Okorn (Contributor)
  • Madelon van Hooff (Contributor)
  • Antonius H. N. Cillessen (Contributor)
  • Roseriet Beijers (Creator)



Transitioning back to work after maternity leave is increasingly common. While differences exist, for many mothers this transition represents a stressor. This study aimed to define the construct of maternal postpartum work resumption stress and develop and validate a self-report measure in a low-risk sample of Dutch mothers. First, the item pool (N = 71) and face and content validity of the questionnaire were established. Next, two independent samples of mothers returning to work (N = 298, N = 291) were recruited to identify factor structure, reduce the number of items, and assess the dimensionality, reliability, convergent and discriminant validity of the questionnaire. Based on exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses, the reliable and valid REturn to Work INventory (REWINd) with 30 items across three factors was established. While further validation is needed, REWINd can be used to further study the nature and consequences of maternal postpartum work resumption stress. This collection contains the processed data on which the study conclusions are based and scripts needed to reproduce analyses. Specifically, the collection contains scripts used to transform raw data sets into clean data sets, clean data sets, and syntaxes used to analyze the data in R and Mplus for both Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the study. For more information, please see
Date made available2 May 2024
PublisherRadboud University

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