From the Late Middle Ages onwards, local and regional governments - when they were in need of funds - started selling so-called 'renten' (annuities). The Dutch Republic is a good example. Both the Provincial States and individual towns sold many annuities, for which citizens received an annual payment of interest. This dataset is a part of a study focusing on the sale of annuities by the Rotterdam urban government. It examines the Rotterdam city accounts, which are related to the sale of annuities, among other topics, and the overall financial developments in Rotterdam and the province of Holland. The protagonists in all this are the predominantly Rotterdam citizens who bought annuities from their the city government between 1653 and 1690. Who were they? This dataset contains the prosopographical data. For more context, consult Martijn van der Burg's publications on the financial history of early modern cities in the Low Countries.
Date made available2024
PublisherHumanities Commons
Temporal coverage1650 - 1700
Geographical coverageRotterdam
Geospatial point51.92174, 4.48953Show on map

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