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In 2020 the new research programme of the Department of Environmental Sciences has been published. The programme is titled: Learning and Innovation for Resilient Social-Ecological Systems (LIRSS). With its research the department wants to contribute to finding ways towards a sustainable future. The research contributes to a better understanding of socio-ecological systems, the development of solutions for environmental problems and the knowledge that helps societies to attain their sustainability goals.

The Department’s research is highly interdisciplinary, whereby three main research foci can be distinguished: 

  • Integrated environmental modelling of socio-ecological systems
  • Learning for sustainability
  • Innovations in environmental governance.


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  • Data from: Crop pests and predators exhibit inconsistent responses to surrounding landscape composition

    Zou, Y. (Creator), Pluess, T. (Creator), Chabert, A. (Creator), Incl?n, D. J. (Creator), van Trinh, M. (Contributor), Iv, P. (Creator), Ple?as, M. (Contributor), Nash, M. (Creator), Tschumi, M. (Creator), Plantegenest, M. (Contributor), Getachew, A. (Creator), Henri, D. C. (Creator), Mart?nez-Salinas, A. (Creator), Gagic, V. (Creator), Schneider, G. (Creator), Sargent, C. (Creator), Pywell, R. F. (Creator), Le Ralec, A. (Creator), Jonsson, M. (Creator), Zhang, W. (Creator), O?Rourke, M. E. (Creator), Meehan, T. D. (Creator), Yasuda, M. (Creator), Takada, M. B. (Creator), Philpott, S. M. (Creator), Stutz, S. (Creator), Tscharntke, T. (Creator), Raymond, L. (Creator), Adler, L. S. (Creator), Entling, M. H. (Creator), Karp, D. S. (Creator), Jacot, K. (Creator), Woodcock, B. A. (Creator), Gonthier, D. J. (Creator), Ouin, A. (Creator), Wickens, V. J. (Creator), Taki, H. (Creator), Pak, D. (Creator), Poveda, K. (Creator), Goodell, P. B. (Creator), Birkhofer, K. (Creator), Ragsdale, D. W. (Creator), Ricci, B. (Creator), Sarthou, J. (Creator), Vierling, K. T. (Creator), Rosenheim, J. A. (Creator), Carri?re, Y. (Creator), Mace, K. (Creator), Hajian-Forooshani, Z. (Creator), Schellhorn, N. A. (Creator), Wratten, S. D. (Creator), Huseth, A. S. (Creator), Menozzi, P. (Creator), Parry, H. (Creator), Valantin-Morison, M. (Creator), Petit, S. (Creator), Frank, T. (Creator), Cayuela, L. (Creator), Whitney, K. S. (Creator), Saulais, J. (Creator), Wickens, J. B. (Creator), Keasar, T. (Creator), Molina-Montenegro, M. A. (Creator), Dormann, C. F. (Creator), Carvalheiro, L. G. (Creator), Bommarco, R. (Creator), Potts, S. G. (Creator), Schmidt, N. P. (Creator), Lavandero, B. (Creator), ?stman, ?. (Creator), Marini, L. (Creator), Fiedler, D. (Creator), Molina, G. A. R. (Creator), Martin, E. A. (Creator), Herrmann, J. D. (Creator), Xiao, H. (Creator), Martinson, H. M. (Creator), Franck, P. (Creator), Tamburini, G. (Creator), Peterson, J. A. (Creator), de Kraker, J. (Contributor), Perez-Alvarez, R. (Creator), van der Werf, W. (Contributor), Desneux, N. (Creator), Eckberg, J. O. (Creator), Cortesero, A. M. (Creator), van Veen, F. J. F. (Contributor), Thomson, L. J. (Creator), Centrella, M. (Creator), Graziosi, I. (Creator), Costamagna, A. C. (Creator), Szendrei, Z. (Creator), Letourneau, D. K. (Creator), Kishinevsky, M. (Creator), Bat?ry, P. (Creator), Perovi?, D. J. (Creator), DeClerck, F. (Creator), Gurr, G. M. (Creator), Larsen, A. E. (Creator), Kaser, J. M. (Creator), Jones, L. (Creator), Paredes, D. (Creator), Madeira, F. (Creator), Landis, D. A. (Creator), Diehl, E. (Creator), Hunt, L. (Creator), Tsafack, N. (Creator), Parsa, S. (Creator), Mader, V. (Creator), Lemessa, D. (Creator), Luttermoser, T. (Creator), Caballero-L?pez, B. (Creator), Bohnenblust, E. W. (Creator), Johnson, G. A. (Creator), Kim, T. N. (Creator), Werling, B. P. (Creator), Iverson, A. L. (Creator), De la Mora, A. (Contributor), Rusch, A. (Creator), Ingrao, A. J. (Creator), Martinez, E. (Creator), O?Neal, M. E. (Creator), Rand, T. A. (Creator), Baveco, J. M. (Creator), Sivakoff, F. S. (Creator), Groves, R. L. (Creator), Sch?ckermann, J. (Creator), Brewer, M. J. (Creator), Ortiz-Martinez, S. (Creator), Lu, Y. (Creator), Sch?epp, C. (Creator), Gratton, C. (Creator), Albrecht, M. (Creator), Tricault, Y. (Creator), Diek?tter, T. (Creator), ?etkovi?, A. (Creator), Yoshioka, A. (Creator), Kaiser, M. (Creator), Wyckhuys, K. (Creator), Garratt, M. P. D. (Creator), Smith, H. G. (Creator), Anjum, M. Z. (Creator), Chaplin-Kramer, R. (Creator), Grab, H. (Creator), Mitchell, M. G. E. (Creator), Angelella, G. M. (Creator), Lavigne, C. (Creator), Bianchi, F. J. J. A. (Creator), Heimpel, G. E. (Creator), Lubin, Y. (Creator), Miyashita, T. (Creator), Pons, X. (Creator), Liere, H. (Creator), Avelino, J. (Creator), Opatovsky, I. (Creator), Alignier, A. (Creator) & Maas, B. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 2018


  • Microplastics in coastal areas and seafood: implications for food safety

    Widianarko, B. (Contributor), Hantoro, I. (Contributor), Van Belleghem, F. (Contributor), Ragas, A. M. J. (Creator) & Löhr, A. (Creator), Taylor & Francis, 11 Apr 2019


  • BKO certificate

    Lansu, Angelique (Recipient), 23 Apr 2009

    Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)Academic

  • Docent van het jaar 2011

    Lansu, Angelique (Recipient), 8 Dec 2011

    Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)Academic

  • Lecturer of the year (Faculty of Science)

    Van Belleghem, Frank (Recipient), 3 Nov 2012

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