Research Dimension: Cultural diversity in the city (part of VVC-2021 program)

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Globally, more and more citizens live in cities, who are increasingly striving to establish their own urban identity in the context of city marketing. The research in CS is therefore increasingly taking place at city level. We are particularly interested in the impact of the increased cultural diversity in the city.

The concept of cultural diversity refers to differences in ethnicity, background and religion as well as diversity in lifestyle, behavior, norms and values. In modern history, this urban cultural diversity has greatly increased, not only as a result of increased Western and non-Western migration, but also due to profound sociocultural changes that took place in the twentieth century. Developments such as secularization, an increased emphasis on self-development and self-determination, the emancipation of women and young people and the sexual revolution have led to a greater variety in behavior, lifestyle and personal expression in society. Social scientists currently even speak of a “super diversity.”