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Too many students drop out and there is room for improvement of study success. Possibly higher education is not attractive enough for all target groups.

To increase active learning and prevent drop-out, many universities are developing and testing new formats, such as (serious) gaming and played simulations. The use of these new formats is expected to promote motivation and in-depth learning. A related form is the promotion of mutual contact and cooperation between students and/or with instructors, for example in virtual classes, thesis circles and tools for online presence.

Although there is a lot of enthousiasm for designing and implementing these forms of innovative education, these activities are time-consuming for designers, teachers and often also for students. Are these efforts justifiable? What generic lessons can be learned?

Of course, the theme of drop-out is also related to resilience in general. Drop-out, or a lack of willingness or ability to engage in lifelong learning can seriously hamper resilience. These new developments can raise different questions, and call for multidisciplinary expertise to answer them.