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This research project aims to challenge current - rather negative and stigmatizing - perceptions of burnout (May e.a., 2020) by taking a more positive perspective. We innovatively build on recent approaches to burnout as ‘posttraumatic growth’ and as ‘developmental experience’ and develop these further in a multidisciplinary framework. What forms of growth are involved in burnout? Which dynamics and factors play a role in burnout’s learning process? How does burnout as an opportunity for development become visible in different social areas, disciplines and forms of expression? In posing these questions, we explore burnout’s lessons on three related social levels (culture, work, individual), hereby examining the changes burnout brings about in current understandings, perceptions and opportunities in distinct, yet interrelated, disciplinary domains (Humanities, HRM, psychology).
Effective start/end date1/09/211/09/26


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