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Climate Adaptation Through Co-creation

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Co-Adapt will develop, test and roll-out approaches to co-creation of nature based and natural process solutions to improve adaptive capacity of the 2Seas region to the water-related effects of climate change. The project will develop more open and transparent governance for adaptive water management by embedding co-creation in policy frameworks, especially spatial and water management strategies - leading to greater awareness and stakeholder-led action to improve climate resilience Co-Adapt will result in increased capacity to adapt to climate change and a region that is more flood & drought resilient. It will directly decrease risk of flood & drought to 30,000ha through co-created NBS, leading to €5.4M of savings from reduced damages, and €5.8M of savings compared to using traditional hard engineering. It will involve 3000 stakeholders in co-creation leading to changed public attitudes to water & climate risks, with 80% of participants feeling involved and supporting NBS measures.
Effective start/end date1/02/1931/03/23

Collaborative partners

  • Somerset County Council (Project partner) (lead)
  • Flemish Land Agency (Project partner)
  • Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group SouthWest (Project partner)
  • Somerset Wildlife Trust (Project partner)
  • Municipality of Vlissingen (Project partner)
  • Province of Antwerp (Project partner)
  • Boulogne Water Board (Project partner)
  • The National Trust (Project partner)
  • Devon County Council (Project partner)
  • Province of North Brabant (Project partner)
  • Permanent Centre for Environment Initiatives (Project partner)
  • Province of West-Flanders (Project partner)


  • climate adaptation
  • co-creation
  • nature-based solution
  • climate change
  • cross-border
  • tooling
  • learning


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