Empowering education systems in information security

  • Stracke, Christian M. (PI)

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    Layman's description

    Schools are best placed to teach children the digital and critical literacy skills to maximize opportunities and minimize risks. ICT security should therefore become a core dimension of the curriculum and teachers should receive specific training on this topic to empower them to develop measures for a safe use of ICT. Therefore, the project aims to develop an ‘information security culture' to increase the awareness in this field as a crucial step in the digitization process of the educational contexts. Moreover, the project will develop and test the 'I Secure Agent prototype course methodology and curriculum' and the 'Technology Enhances Learning I Secure eco-system', which will represent ready to use tools and instruments for supporting teacher training and empowering them in the field of information security in school education.
    Effective start/end date1/01/15 → 31/12/17

    Collaborative partners

    • USR Lazio (lead)
    • Effebi Association
    • ECO, e-Learning Studio
    • European Research Institute MERIG
    • University of National and World Economy


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