LearnSTEM: Innovative STEM learning in schools

  • Stracke, Christian M. (PI)
  • Van Dijk, Guido (CoI)
  • Thoolen, Geert (CoI)
  • Kelmelyte, Vaiva (CoI)
  • Daneniene, Jurate (CoI)
  • Rimkevičė, Alma (CoI)
  • Kunigonis, Aivaras (CoI)
  • Spatafora, Mario (CoI)
  • Spatafora, Alessia (CoI)
  • Cotovanu, Ana Maria (CoI)
  • Lisdat, Fred (CoI)
  • Pascoal, Alcino (CoI)
  • Baltazar, Rui (CoI)
  • Barreiros, António (PI)
  • Simoens, Wim (CoI)
  • Desutter, Jo (CoI)


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    Social Sciences