• Stracke, Christian M. (PI)

    Project Details

    Layman's description

    The PURE-H2O project has the following objectives:
    - Definition of joint learning outcomes based blended learning model in drinking water sector; establishment of innovative competence standards and qualifications' description approach in terms of content and target audience.
    - Adaptation and development of VET courses in accordance with the defined qualification model and implementation of EQF/ISCO/ESCO principles.
    - Use of ICT in training, teaching & learning activities. VET learning & teaching methodologies innovation.
    Effective start/end date1/01/1431/12/16

    Collaborative partners

    • ORKON International Engineering Training Consulting Co. Inc. (lead)
    • Niğde University
    • Gazi University
    • R&D Center "Biiointech"


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