A novel approach towards skill-based search and services of Open Educational Resources

Kyung-Hun Ha, Katja Niemann, Uta Schwertel, Philipp Holtkamp, Henri Pirkkalainen, Dirk Börner, Marco Kalz, Vassilis Pitsilis, Ares Vidalis, Dimitra Pappa, Markus Bick, Jan Pawlowski, Martin Wolpers

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    Open educational resources (OER) have a high potential to address the growing need for training materials in management education and training. Today, a high number of OER in management are already available in a large number of repositories. However, users face barriers as they have to search repository by repository with different interfaces to retrieve the appropriate learning content. In addition, the use of search criteria related to skills, such as learning objectives and skill-levels is not generally supported. The European co-funded project OpenScout addresses these barriers by intelligently connecting leading European OER repositories and providing federated, skillbased search and retrieval web services. On top of this content federation the project supports users with easy-to-apply tools that will accelerate the (re-) use of open content.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 2011


    • open educational resources
    • content reuse
    • competences
    • federated search
    • management education


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