Conformance Testing, the Elixer within the Chain for Learning Scenarios and Objects

Rob Nadolski, Owen O'Neill, Wim Vegt van der, Rob Koper

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    The chain for learning scenarios and learning objects includes five iterative links: (i) development, (ii) publication, (iii) making resources searchable and reusable and (iv) facilitating their arrangement (v) towards a runnable unit of learning. The use of e-learning specifications and components-based systems preferably embedded in a service-oriented architecture are both conditio sine qua non for enabling this chain. However, some of the links are currently below optimal strength. To create a stronger more enduring chain, it must be easier to develop systems compliant to e-learning specifications and users must be better equipped to adopt such systems. Conformance testing(CT) facilitates this adop-tion, making CT the elixir within the chain for learning scenarios and learning objects. The role of CT within this chain is demonstrated by applying the CT-system from the Telcert project while addressing the strength and weaknesses of each link. Future implications for the chain and CT will be discussed.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 13 Feb 2006


    • conformance testing
    • learning scenarios
    • learning objects
    • IMS LD


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