D10.2 – Research Data Management Plan, version 3.0: RAGE – WP10 – D10.2

E. Kluijfhout, C. Steiner, M. Kickmeier-Rust, S. Guaylupo, A. Molinari, R. Riestra, M. Hemmje, B. Bontchev, H. Görzig, W. Westera

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    What data will be collected, processed or generated during the RAGE project? Following what methodology and standards? And what data will be shared and/or made openly available, and how will it be curated and preserved? These issues are typically described in a Data Management Plan (DMP), outlining how research data is handled during the project and after the project is completed. The RAGE DMP specifically provides guidelines on ethics, data protection and open research data access to RAGE researchers involved in WP5 (Case experiments) and WP8 (Validation). Ethics and data protection are especially relevant in view of the games and audiences targeted by RAGE. Therefore, RAGE is one of the participating projects in the EU open research data pilot, an initiative under Horizon 2020 that aims at improving and maximising the access to and re-use of research data created in European projects.This document is the third and final iteration of the DMP.
    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherRAGE project
    Publication statusPublished - 2019


    • RAGE
    • open access data


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