D1.3 WEKIT Framework and Training Methodology: The WEKIT Framework

Bibeg Limbu, Jazz Rasool, Roland Klemke (Editor)

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    When mapping the transfer of a skill or some knowledge between and expert and a novice there are many high-level tangible and intangible factors that are present. Three key factors are the type of task to be carried out, what domain will be interacted with and dimensions that define the tasks constraints. Tasks are activities that work with the perceptual, cognitive and developmental aspects of the person being trained. The Domain is what is being interacted with that might be a human being (the trainee or their colleagues), a machine (some equipment) or a specific environment (for example, a vehicle's internal space or external atmosphere).Lastly there are Dimensions that are the boundaries for the task that specify the space it will be carried out in, time factors that relate to how the timing of the task unfolds as well as the key aim, target or intention for the task. When a use case, comprising of specific activities to transfer learning, is mapped, there will be specific attributes that will be assessed which will relate to one or more combinations of Task, Domain or Dimension. When specific types of Task, Domain and Dimension are assigned weights of importance to an attribute, the scores can be added up to identify which factors are the most critical for an attribute, the learning activity as well as the use case as a whole. These patterns will be overlapped with the pattern of a bottom up level task class which will identify dominant skills pattern patterns required to perform the job. This pattern of scores can be used to define the requirements for training scenarios that will finally be captured, enacted and assessed. Then proper transfer mechanism may be then selected to design the learning platform which hosts a set of requirements for capture and enactment of the skills.
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages35
    Publication statusPublished - 17 Jun 2016


    • WEKIT
    • Expertise
    • Augmented Reality
    • Wearable Technology


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