D19 Materials for training courses

Peter Van Rosmalen, Henk Van den Brink

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    The 4 CHERMUG videos provide guidance to potential users of the games, such as research methods tutors, about what the games are, why tutors might choose to use the games and how to use the games. The videos are: 1. CHERMUG Games Introduction (http://youtu.be/BDc1bUEjHbc) 2. What are CHERMUG games? (http://youtu.be/cB-JS4wntd0) 3. Why CHERMUG games? (http://youtu.be/NntlobanHLk) 4. How to use CHERMUG games (http://youtu.be/GVbO2zqnm0w)
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 2014


    • chermug
    • research methods
    • statistics
    • videos

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