D22 Analysis of Pilot

Elizabeth Boyle, Sharon MacGregor, Peter Van Rosmalen, Madalina Manea, Tiina Penanen

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    The evaluation of the CHERMUG games was carried out in 3 phases which contributed in different ways to the game development and evaluation. Different cohorts of staff and students were involved in each phase and a detailed account of the list of pilot institutions is shown in Deliverable 21. Phase 1 was the preliminary testing of the initial game prototype and involved a small number of serious games experts, research methods experts and teacher trainers. Elements of the games were still changeable at this point. Phase 2 was the usability phase and involved nursing and social science staff who teach research methods and students taking research methods modules. Surface elements of the games and game mechanics were still changeable at this point. Phase 3 of the evaluation was a more rigorous evaluation designed to establish whether the use of the CHERMUG games engages students and helps them to learn about research methods and statistics.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 2014


    • chermug
    • Serious Games
    • game design
    • research methods
    • statistics
    • evaluation


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