D2.3.1 Evaluation results of the LinkedUp Veni competition

Hendrik Drachsler, Slavi Stoyanov, Fritz Pieper, Marieke Guy

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    This document D2.3.1 is the first report out of three deliverables (D2.3.2, D2.3.3) of Task 2.4 - Evaluation of challenge submissions. Task 2.4 is about the actual assessment of the participating projects within the LinkedUp Veni, Vidi and Vici competition on the basis of the LinkedUp Evaluation Framework (D2.2.1). We especially report about the outcomes of the various competitions and analyse the practical experiences of the experts with the LinkedUp Evaluation Framework. In the current document D2.3.1 we report about the Linked Data tools and ideas that have been submitted to the first data competition - Veni. In total, we received 23 submissions, 8 of them have been shortlisted and invite to a poster presentation at the Open Knowledge Conference (OKCon), 3 of them have been awarded at OKCon according to the Linkedup evaluation process, and one submission received an audience award. This deliverable provides an overview of the Veni submissions, explains the evaluation procedure that result in a short list of the best submissions, justifies the decision for the winners, and also reports the experiences with the evaluation framework that has been created in the previous WP2 deliverables [7][8]
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationHeerlen
    PublisherLinkedUp project
    Number of pages58
    Publication statusPublished - 14 Nov 2013


    • LinkedUp
    • data competition
    • linked data
    • evaluation framework
    • education
    • dataTEL
    • open web data
    • data mashups
    • data in education


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