D3.4 – Final Social Gamification Assets

Kam Star, Jared Glass, Jack Coldridge, James Allsopp, Ellis Spice, Felix Wentworth, Mitra Memarzia, Paul Hollins

Research output: Book/ReportDeliverableAcademic


This deliverable is software and as such this document is abridged to be as succinct as possible, with extended descriptions, detailed documentation, video tutorials, example games, quick-start guides, ready to boot Docker images and all source code for the client, server and administration software available online. The final social gamification asset bundle provides game developers with an opportunity to enhance existing games or digital platforms with multiplayer gamification functionalities, catering for both competitive and cooperative game dynamics. The solution provided is a flexible client-server package that can run as a cloud-based service, serving many games or have specific instances for individual games as necessary.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 31 Jan 2018
Externally publishedYes


  • social gamification
  • software asset
  • RAGE

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    Rage: Realising an Applied Gaming Eco-system

    Westera, W., Georgiadis, K., Saveski, G., van Lankveld, G., Bahreini, K., van der Vegt, W., Berkhout, J., Nyamsuren, E., Kluijfhout, E. & Nadolski, R.


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    Star, K., Glass, J., Coldridge, J., Allsopp, J., Spice, E., Wentworth, F., Memarzia, M., & Hollins, P. (2018). D3.4 – Final Social Gamification Assets.