D5.5 – First Version Scenario Arrangement Document – round 1

Barbara Bazzanella, Milena Casagranda, Andrea Molinari, Sarah Humphreys, Gareth Sleightholm, Olivier Lepoivre, Rob Kommeren, Ana Romano, Cristina Soeiro, Raquel Guerra, Christina Steiner

    Research output: Book/ReportDeliverable


    This deliverable outlines the implementation plan for each of the first-round studies of the RAGE pilots. The main goal of these pilots is to perform a small-scale test of the RAGE games with end-users and intermediary stakeholders in five different non-leisure domains to guide the further development of the games for the final validation studies. At the same time the pilots implement the pre-testing of the research instruments and methodology for answering the main evaluation questions in the five areas of investigation identified in D8.1: 1) usability, 2) game experience, 3) learning effectiveness, 4) transfer effect and 5) pedagogical costs and benefits. Finally, the pilots are aimed at collecting preliminary results for a first formative evaluation of the games and game technologies, with the goal of feeding back useful information to development for the final versions of games and assets. The results of the first pilot will be compared with the results of the final evaluation studies to demonstrate improvements of the game and game effects from first to final version. A revision of the deliverable will be done in the next few months to produce the final arrangement document (D5.1, due at M21).
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Jul 2016


    • RAGE
    • implementation plan
    • pilot evaluation
    • formative evaluation


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