D6.4 – Ecosystem integration: Ecosystem Software Repository, Digital Library, Media Archive, Interactive Map and Online Training Portal populated with content and online

Dominic Heutelbeck, Jana Mertens

    Research output: Book/ReportDeliverableAcademic


    This deliverable is aligned with Milestone 15: “Market place implementation and launch”. As part of the completion of the marketplace implementation and in preparation of the first launch phase of the marketplace the public facing components have been developed and deployed. The assets developed by WP2 and WP3 have been uploaded to the software repository and published to the marketplace. Training material for the individual assets has been produced and added to the assets in the marketplace. In addition, training material covering a wide range of qualifications for applied games professionals have been surveyed and curated in the marketplace to make RAGE the one-stop shop for applied games knowledge and technology. The marketplace has taken up requirements from WP7 business models and directly from the games developers. The assets and training material are now available in the RAGE portal, outreach to external stakeholders is ongoing with the launch. The results of through market research have revealed critical stakeholders in Europe, which have been collected in the interactive map.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 31 Jan 2018



    • ecosystem portal
    • online marketplace
    • ecosystem software repository
    • digital library
    • media archive
    • RAGE

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