D8.2 – Evaluation Asset

Alexander Nussbaumer, Christina Steiner, Matthias Maurer

    Research output: Book/ReportDeliverable


    This document describes the evaluation asset, which is a tool that supports the evaluation of applied games. The overall goal is to provide a modular approach to game evaluation that can easily be applied and integrated by game developers in their game projects. The idea of this asset is to utilise game-based user data and translate it into meaningful information about the quality of a game.The technical implementation of the asset consists in a client-side and a server-side component for collecting and pre-processing interaction data from games. This data is then analysed in terms of meaningful evaluation variables on which automatic reports and visualisations can be retrieved. The evaluation asset comes with configurable evaluation metrics for translating the data into meaningful information about aspects on usability and game experience.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Nov 2016


    • RAGE
    • applied gaming
    • evaluation asset
    • game evaluation
    • game usability
    • game experience


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