D8.4 – Second RAGE Evaluation Report

Christina Steiner, Kerstin Gaisbachgrabner, Alexander Nussbaumer, Jana Mertens, Matthias Hemmje, R.J. Nadolski, W. Westera, Barbara Bazzanella, Milena Casagrande, Andrea Molinari, Sarah Humphreys, Samuel Mascarenhas, Manuel Guimarães, Rui Prada, Pedro A. Santos

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    This document presents the results of the summative evaluation and validation studies carried out in WP8 of the RAGE project. Summative evaluation by definition represents evaluation at the end of the development process and aims at collecting information on the outcomes of the implementation. Correspondingly, the summative evaluations in RAGE aimed at obtaining a concluding statement and evidence on the quality and effects of the final versions of (a) the RAGE components, (b) the Ecosystem portal, and (c) the games at the end of the project. Overall, the summative evaluation studies have demonstrated the usefulness and potential benefits of the technologies and methodologies developed in the project for applied game development and for educational application, and argue for the usefulness and significance of the RAGE approach. In addition, valuable suggestions for further improvement or enrichment of the games, game components, and Ecosystem portal could be collected and, thus meaningful information and inspiration for future work beyond the RAGE project lifetime could be obtained.
    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherRAGE project
    Number of pages114
    Publication statusPublished - 2018


    • RAGE
    • game evaluation


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