D9.5 – Exploitation Plan (version 1 of 3)

Ruben Riestra, Maria Beltran, Ana Perna, Sabina Guaylupo, Wim Westera

    Research output: Book/ReportDeliverable


    The RAGE Exploitation Plan is a living document, to be upgraded along the project lifecycle, supporting RAGE partners in defining how the results of the RAGE RIA will be used both in commercial and non-comercial settings. The Exploitation Plan covers the entire process from the definition of the business case for the RAGE Ecosystem to the creation of the sustainability conditions for its real-world operation beyond the H2020 project co-funding period. The Exploitation Plan will be published in three incremental versions, due at months 18, 36 and 42 of the project lifetime. This early stage version 1 of 3 is mainly devoted to: i. Setting-up the structure and the initial building blocks to be populated and completed in the future editions of the Exploitation Plan and to ii. providing additional guidance for market intelligence gathering, business modelling definition and validation, outreach and industry engagement and ultimately providing insights for the development, validation and evaluation of RAGE results across the project´s workplan execution. These tasks will in turn render suitable inputs to enhance the two future editions of the Exploitation Plan.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Jul 2016


    • RAGE
    • exploitation plan
    • business model


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