ECO D2.5 Learning analytics requirements and metrics report

Francis Brouns, Marta Elena Zorrilla Pantaleón, Elena Esperanza‎ Álvarez Saiz, Pedro Solana González, Ángel Cobo Ortega, Eliana Rocío‎ Rocha Blanco, Marta Collantes Viaña, Carlos Rodríguez Hoyo, Mariana De Lima Silva, Carmen Marta-Lazo, José Antonio Gabelas Barroso, Pilar Arranz, Luis García, Alejandro Silva, José Manuel Sáez López, Patricia Ventura Expósito, María Jordano de la Torre, Felix Bohuschke, Javier Viñuales

    Research output: Book/ReportDeliverable

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    In MOOCs, learning analytics have to be addressed to the various types of learners that participate. This deliverable describes indicators that enable both teachers and learner to monitor the progress and performance as well as identify whether there are learners at risk of dropping out. How these indicators should be computed and displayed to end users by means of dashboards is also explained. Furthermore a proposal based on xAPI statements for storing relevant data and events is provided.
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages160
    Publication statusPublished - 27 Jan 2015


    • ECO
    • sMOOC
    • learning analytics
    • learner support
    • progress
    • performance
    • risk of dropping out
    • xAPI
    • visualisation
    • learning analytics dashboard

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