idSpace; Tooling of and training for collaborative, distributed product innovation

Peter Sloep, Peter Dolog, Marlies Bitter-Rijpkema, et al.

    Research output: Book/ReportOther report (internal)


    Innovation is characterised by an intensive collaborative process of generating and exploring various ideas that should contribute to the solution of a particular, problem. Industries have come to rely on innovation, as an enabler of sustainable growth, often even as their only means to survive. Students and professionals need to be trained to contribute to such problem orientated innovation. Furthermore, innovative product designs integrate products from various suppliers, which themselves need to be innovative. Thus, learning how to deal with these distributed innovation processes is yet another challenge modern students and professionals have to face. The innovation process involves a variety of activities, all of which involve learning. In the initial stages of being creative and generating 'wild' ideas, people must learn from each other. Ideas once generated should be shared with others, who will onstructively critique them, critically assess their innovative value, and look for design oddities or even contradictions. New designs need to be transformed to new products or product features, which require innovative manufacturing processes. All these activities must be learned, refined and practiced, preferably in the context of actual and authentic innovation attempts. Therefore, a responsive environment needs to be set up in which professionals and students meet, work and learn; an environment that is stocked with tools that are conducive to innovation proper and to learning about innovation. The main objective of the project will be to design and develop such an idSpace environment and appropriate tooling for it. It will: • Contain an integrated toolset which will help to track and store semantic relationships among conceptual models, which will be used to describe ideas, goals, features and values. • Exhibit extensible, informal, pluggable pedagogical approaches, which drive specific uses of the toolset. • Instantiate a flexible, extensible, context aware, web-based platform, which forms the substrate for communities of practice to grow and thrive.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 20 Jun 2007


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