IMS-LD Modern Architecture: Skyscrapers and Residential Homes Level A

M.R. Gruber, C. Glahn

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    The UoL "Modern Architecture: Skyscrapers and Residential Homes" focuses on modern architecture based on two construction styles - skyscrapers and residential homes. The selected buildings for representing the construction styles are from three architects: Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank O. Gehry, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. For each architect one building of each construction style is discussed in the UoL. This leads to three tracks for the educational design. Every track brings different objects from one architect together. The UoL comprises two plays that offer different pathways through the learning activities, while these plays are based on the same learning activities. The only difference between the approaches is the arrangement of the learning activities in activity-structures of the two plays. The first play provides an architect-centred approach, in which the learners are guided through the curriculum based on the works of a single architect at the time once they have passed the introduction phase. Once all learning activities have been completed, the learner enters a reflection and assessment phase. Because of the sequential structure of this approach it is primarily based on a sequence structure. For the different sub-topics a learner can choose the learning activity or track to start with. In order to complete the activity-structures the learner has to perform all activities and follow all tracks within the structure. The second play offers a building-type-centred approach that focuses on comparing similar buildings before learning more about the architects who designed the buildings. The reflection activities are aligned with the related topics. At the beginning of this approach, the learner can choose the focus to start with. Therefore, the primary activity-structure is based on a selection of one out of two possible tracks.
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    Publication statusPublished - 2010


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