Modelling test-interactions

Henry Hermans, Bert Van den Berg, Hubert Vogten, Francis Brouns, Marc Verhooren

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    This report presents the results of work package 2 ('Technology') of the Development programme of the OUNL. The activities reported upon have been carried out from October 2001 until the first week of December 2001 on the specific area of test-interactions. Initially the intended scope was to cover the whole process of creating an UML domain model within the area of test-interactions, validating this model by gathering relevant cases and working out best practices, and at last translating this model into a XML DTD binding. However, reallocation of the available human resources in the beginning of December 2001 forced us to stop the process temporarily. As a result this report does not cover the whole spectrum, but presents the interim results. The main focus in this report is on the process of constructing a coherent domain model on interactions. The WP2 handbook on interactions complements this report.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 2 Jul 2002


    • predefined structured interactions
    • unstructured interaction modelling
    • user experiences
    • problem definition
    • design method
    • test-interactions
    • UML domain model
    • best practices
    • XML DTD binding
    • EML


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