Multi-stakeholder decision training games with ARLearn

Roland Klemke, Stefaan Ternier, Marco Kalz, Birgit Schmitz, Marcus Specht

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    Serious gaming approaches so far focus mainly on skill development, motivational aspects or providing immersive learning situations. Little work has been reported to foster awareness and decision competencies in complex decision situations involving incomplete information and multiple stakeholders. We address this issue exploring the technical requirements and possibilities to design games for such situations in three case studies: a hostage taking situation, a multi-stakeholder logistics case, and a health-care related emergency case. To implement the games, we use a multi-user enabled mobile game development platform (ARLearn). We describe the underlying real world situations and educational challenges and analyse how these are reflected in the ARLearn games realized.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 8 Oct 2013


    • SALOMO
    • UNHCR
    • Mobile learning
    • Game-based learning
    • Multi-user games
    • Decision processes
    • Multi-role game-design


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