OpenScout deliverable D2.2.1 Initial Competence Service Library

Marco Kalz, Dirk Börner, Erlend Overby

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    This document describes the implementation of the competence-service library version 1 of the OpenScout project. The current status is based on the model presented in the deliverable D2.1 “Analysis Report on Competence Services” and the integration plan discussed there. The OpenScout project supports competence-based search and browsing of open educational resources in the domain of business and management education. The competence service library evolves during the project from a resource-oriented service library (version 1) towards a service library that supports individual competence development of OpenScout users (version 2). In the first part of the deliverable the competence metadata services are described. The service consists of a competence metadata service and a bottom-up tagging service that supports three tag types. The second chapter of the deliverable describes the eAccessibility-validator that assesses the suitability of resources from the OpenScout federation for users with special needs.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 28 Dec 2011


    • OpenScout
    • competence
    • accessibility
    • competence service library


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