Processes mediating expertise in air traffic control

Ludo Van Meeuwen, Halszka Jarodzka, Saskia Brand-Gruwel, Jeroen Van Merriënboer, Jeano De Bock, Paul A. Kirschner

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    Air traffic control (ATC) involves dealing with complex visualizations. Making decisions based on those visualizations requires not only conceptual but also perceptual skills, like efficient visual search of critical airplane compositions, their quick and correct interpretations, and the appropriate reactions. This study will examine expertise differences in perceiving and interpreting ATC stimuli on a perceptual and conceptual level. Moreover, the potentially mediating influence of spatial abilities will be investigated. ATC Performance, eye movements, verbal reports, and spatial ability will be obtained from experts, intermediates, and novices.


    ConferenceSig 6: Instructional Design and SIG 7 Learning and Instruction with Computers
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    • expertise
    • eye tracking
    • verbal reports
    • instructional design
    • air traffic control
    • spatial ability


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