RAGE Dissemination Plan: 2017 – Second update

Ruben Riestra

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    The RAGE Dissemination Plan aims to guide and support the efforts of all partners in convincing Applied Games (AG) stakeholders to take-up and use the outputs of the Project for their own business purposes. The RAGE Dissemination Plan is a living and cumulative document, updated on a yearly basis: The first edition of the Plan was published in Month 3, and is publicly available as Deliverable D9.1. This edition is the second annual update of the RAGE Dissemination Plan. It contains a summary of relevant facts related to tasks in year 2 of the project and the main lines of Dissemination actions for the third year of the project. Along Project year 3, there are two major project milestones that should become interesting and potentially valuable for RAGE´s targeted stakeholder audiences: a) The “soft launching” of the RAGE Ecosystem; b) The launching of the first round of RAGE pilot case experiments. To support proper dissemination to these two events while continuing improving our communication, the three main Dissemination action lines for year 3 are: 1. Promote interest on the RAGE Ecosystem and the usage of RAGE assets; 2. Expand the dissemination of scientific breakthroughs produced by RAGE and 3. Improve dissemination content and channels to support the new outreach requirements.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 1 May 2017


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