Self-organised Learning about Modern Architecture

Marion Gruber

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    This UoL is an example for the possibilities of preparing teaching and learning architecture and construction engineering using ReCourse. It provides a proof-of-concept for integrating MACE services and contents in IMS-LD. The topic of this Learning Design is ‘Self-organised Learning about Modern Architecture’. In this course learners can learn the principles of modern architecture. They get an overview of the general topic, and in addition to this, they can focus on a chosen topic, which they are especially interested in. Thereby the students activate their existing knowledge of modern architecture and obtain knowledge of history and theories of modern architecture and the related arts, technologies and human sciences. They learn to search for relevant content and information. The students work on a topic and focus on it. They summarise the results of their work for a presentation. Finally, the students will have to discuss their results with their peers.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Feb 2010


    • MACE
    • IMS-LD
    • learning design
    • unit of learning
    • architecture
    • construction engineering
    • modern architecture
    • education
    • teaching
    • IMS
    • Unit of learning


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