Stimulating competence development of individuals and organisations in Europe

Rob Koper

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    The emerging knowledge society places new demands on both individual workers, groups, and organisations. Central to these demands is the need to continuously develop and manage the competencies which provide a competitive advantage to individuals, groups and organisations. To achieve lifelong competence development there is a need for better integration of learning and knowledge dissemination facilities offered by the different knowledge support organisations in society, e.g. educational institutes, training departments, HRM support organisations, government, libraries, research institutes and others. To build this technical and organisational infrastructure, the EU is funding a new 4 year integrated project called TENCompetence1 (IST-TEL/FP6). There are 13 partners in this project from 9 European countries. In this keynote this new project will be introduced.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 21 Oct 2005


    • TENCompetence
    • Competence Development


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