The Construction and Dynamics of Cultural Icons

M.F. Winkler (Editor), E.M.A. van Boven (Editor)

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Departing from the present need for cultural models within the public debate, this volume offers a new contribution to the study of cultural icons. From the traditional religious icon to the modern mass media icon, from the recognizable visual icon to the complex entanglement of image and collective narratives: The Construction and Dynamics of Cultural Icons offers an overview of existing theories, compares different definitions and proposes a comprehensive view on the icon and the iconic. Focusing in particular on the making of iconic representations and their changing social-cultural meanings through time, scholars from cultural memory studies, art history and literary studies present concrete operationalizations of the ways different types of cultural icons can be studied.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherAmsterdam University Press
Number of pages238
ISBN (Print)9789463728225
Publication statusPublished - 12 May 2021
EventThe Icon as Cultural Model: Past, Present and Future - P.C.Hoofthuis, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Duration: 25 Jan 201826 Jan 2018

Publication series

SeriesHeritage and Memory Studies


  • Art and Material Culture
  • Heritage Studies
  • Cultural Studies


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