The E-learning Cabaret: do's and don'ts in E-Learning Design

Wim Westera

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    E-learning is great fun! We enjoy our work, its challenges and its future perspectives. As visitors of Online-Educa we seem to share an unconcerned optimism and belief in the significance of topics like communities of practice, technology standards, re-usable learning objects, portfolios and so on. To some extent this enthousiasm is hilariously naïve. An outsider’s view may be quite informative here: it would equate our conference with a religious sect loaded with ideological bias rather than a meeting of sensible academics that put things into perspective. This “stand-up” presentation holds a mirror up to our faces, while it treats the paradoxes, inconsistences and blunders of our well intended e-learning efforts. It makes e-learning double fun and it is instructive as such. 
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 2006


    • e-learning
    • criticism
    • instrumentalism
    • claims


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