Towards a web-based Motivational Interviewing intervention for physical activity promotion.

S. Friederichs, C. Bolman, A. Oenema, J. Guyaux, H. Van Keulen, L. Lechner

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    Poster session "Physical activity interventions in adults" - P374

    PURPOSE:Current research on physical activity (PA) promotion emphasizes the importance of increasing autonomous motivation. Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a client-centered counseling method intended to strengthen autonomous motivation towards behavior change. Evidence shows that MI can be successful in getting individuals to increase theirphysical activity. Delivering MI in a traditional way, however, is expensive and therefore difficult to scale up. Web-based computer tailoring (CT) could be an interesting alternative delivery channel for MI. Pilot research by our group shows that web-based MI holds promise. The purpose of this presentation is to provide insight into the design of a web-based PA intervention, based on MI: the Ik Beweeg (IMove) intervention. METHOD: Ik Beweeg is a web-based MI intervention, consisting of four intervention sessions. In this intervention, web-based CT is used for mimicking an MI dialogue including open-ended questions , affirmations and skilful reflections. Several methods are used such as importance and confidence rulers, exploring values, identifying and affirming strengths and reviewing past successes. Feedback messages are written in a supportive, non-coercivemanner. Participants can make their own action and coping plans, and adjust their plans later on. In the later sessions, changes in PA and experiences are discussed. RESULT(S): Effectiveness and appreciation of web-based MI will be evaluated in arandomized controlled comparing 1) the Ik Beweeg intervention, 2) a traditional (TPB /Stages of Change based) web-based PA intervention and 3)awaiting list control group. Data collection will start in the autumn of 2013. CONCLUSION(S): Not available yet


    ConferenceAnnual Meeting of the International Society for Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity
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