A governance framework of digital learning platform ecosystems in higher education

  • A. Wanjon

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The increasing use of the internet and the further digitization of society is leading to a changing market movement, both among consumers and companies, to offer services or products via a platform. Examples of such platforms are Facebook, Marktplaats.nl, Amazon, Uber, and Bol.com. Various scientific articles have been written about the way in which multiple stakeholders work together in a platform, as an ecosystem of relationships. These scientific articles discuss issues of the IT- and data governance mechanisms of platform ecosystems. A governance framework consists of structures, processes, and relational mechanisms. Each of these mechanisms has a function and, if implemented correctly, should positively impact the ecosystem performance of a platform as a whole.

This research focuses on the education target group and, in particular, higher education that facilitates a digital learning platform and collaborates with relevant stakeholders/ partners (such as system operator providers and content providers) as an ecosystem. Hereinafter referred to as a digital learning platform ecosystem (abbreviated: DLPE). Little research has been done on the governance structure of ecosystems of digital learning platforms to provide educational services in education. The aim of this study is to design and evaluate a governance framework of DLPE. DLPE's initial governance framework was developed through a literature review. This framework contains Six dimensions: governance structure, Resources and documentation, Accessibility and Control, roles, Trust and perceived risks, and Value creation.

We will then evaluate it empirically by conducting a case study at the Dutch Police Academy. The goal is to find an answer to the question: What does governance frameworks of digital platforms (DLPE) in higher education look like?
Date of Award24 Mar 2021
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorIrene Vanderfeesten (Examiner) & Samaneh Bagheri (External assessor)


  • Digital learning platform ecosystem
  • governance
  • case study
  • higher education
  • Itslearning

Master's Degree

  • Master Business Process management & IT (BPMIT)

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