A management perspective on boosting worker productivity in hybrid settings: an exploratory study

  • Ricky van Rensen

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The COVID-19 pandemic served as a catalyst for the accelerated widespread adoption of hybrid work settings wherein remote and in-office work coexist. The new standard of hybrid work in organisations puts earlier research about issues around worker productivity into a new perspective, with specific focus to the manager’s role in attributing to higher worker productivity levels. This lead to an exploratory study answering the major research question: How can managers boost worker productivity in hybrid workplaces of the future?. By adopting a single case study research approach, conducting interviews and document analysis, the following themes in the hybrid work setting of the case organisation were explored:
i. the meaning of productivity;
ii. what elements affected worker productivity;
iii. what management interventions lead to higher worker productivity.
This study found that a clear definition of productivity helps managers in fostering and monitoring worker performance and that managers should focus on creating optimal hybrid work conditions that allow for higher productivity levels. This means that managers should incorporate a set of practical recommendations provided in this study, in order to boost worker productivity in the hybrid work context of the future.
Date of Award20 Aug 2023
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorRachelle Bosua (Examiner) & Vanessa Dirksen (Co-assessor)


  • Worker productivity
  • hybrid work setting
  • management approach

Master's Degree

  • Master Business Process management & IT (BPMIT)

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