: A sociotechnical, card-based fairness tool for ADM-development

  • F. L. G. Leunissen

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


By using the Design Science Research Methodology a method-agnostic, card-based artefact, i.e. design probe for guiding the embeddedness of fairness in Algorithmic Decision-Making Systems (ADM’s) is created on literature groundings, envisioning a sociotechnical approach. The motive is originated in the practitioners’ call for guidance, in the shape of light-weight, integrable tools which address (un)fairness in ADM-design. This tool, so called responsible AI:CEID quartet, is demonstrated by using several cards, during a workshop within a single ADM-developers organization, while reflecting upon an artificial Hiring-case founded by Princeton. Elements of Value Sensitive Design, Critical System Heuristics, and the Organizational Justice Theory are incorporated in the card deck to ensure a sociotechnical, and by these means contextual approach in fairness.
Evaluation on perceived usefulness reveals that although the extensive checklist it represents is warmly welcomed, there are several suggested add-ons, and improvement-points for a reiteration in design. Implementing organizational roles, nuancing the fairness-norms used, and including actionpoints in the form of scenario based hints, are examples of these. A follow-up study could implement these improvements, evolving and maturing the artefact, so the artefact may be of practical value in the future.
Date of Award30 Nov 2022
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorLaury Bollen (Examiner) & Tim Huygh (Co-assessor)


  • Algorithmic Decision-making Systems
  • Fairness-by-Design
  • AI-Fairness
  • Machine Learning
  • Design Science Research
  • Sociotechnical Approach
  • Value Sensitive Design
  • Artefact
  • Bias Mitigation
  • CSH

Master's Degree

  • Master Business Process management & IT (BPMIT)

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