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: School boards’ views on innovative teacher behaviour and their role regarding this behaviour.

  • Arjan Dorst

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The aim of the research described in this thesis is to gain more insight into the views of school boards of primary education organisations in the Netherlands regarding ITB. Are they, in their own view, important regarding this behaviour and do they see a role for themselves with regard to ITB?
According to the literature ITB enhances quality of education. Since school boards are responsible for the quality of education in their schools, they should be interested in the effects of ITB within the organisation they lead. Data from 20 semi-structured interviews with school boards and headteachers of primary school organisations were analysed to identify the views of school boards regarding ITB and whether school boards see, within their responsibility for the quality of education, a role for themselves regarding ITB. By interviewing the headteachers as well, a form of triangulation was achieved, in which the image of the school boards' own perception was complemented with the headteachers’ views. Results show that in the school boards’ view ITB is not only related to organisational development, teacher professional development and improvement of education, but also has to do with teaching differently from the traditional used didactic approach. The school boards’ views on and interpretation of ITB matches strongly with Janssens’ (2003) definition on ITB, though the term ‘innovative teacher behaviour’ is hardly used in their conversations with, for instance, the headteachers. School boards acknowledge their own importance regarding ITB among which in being a role model. Others, such as headteachers, acknowledge this importance in inspiring, stimulating, facilitating and providing space for teachers to show ITB. School boards name ITB as an important instrument for quality of education. Moreover, school boards do see an indirect role for themselves regarding ITB. This indirect role is sometimes performed through the headteachers and is expressed in a transformational leadership style in which the school board promotes ITB by stimulating and inspiring headteachers and teachers. Limitations in this study are mentioned and items for possible future research are recommended.

Date of Award23 Sep 2021
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorArnoud Evers (Supervisor)


  • Innovative teacher behaviour
  • School board
  • views
  • Importance
  • Role

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