Applying gamification in tools for teaching logic

  • M Berkhof

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Logic tools, as developed in the IDEAS-project, are very useful for students to master logic (better). Nevertheless, the subject of logic remains a real challenge formany students.
Gamification can improve engagement and motivation and is being used more and more in education, often leading to better results. In this study, an inventory was made of which gamification elements are already used in logic tools and which elements could be applied to improve engagement and motivation, with the improvement of results as a consequence.
Some of these elements were then applied to the IDEAS-tool LogEx, and then some experiments were conducted to investigate the results as a consequence of the application of gamification.
The research results do not yet provide hard evidence that motivation and results improve by applying (visible) gamification.
Date of Award2 Dec 2022
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJosje Lodder (Examiner), Bastiaan Heeren (Co-assessor) & Ebrahim Rahimi (Co-assessor)

Master's Degree

  • Master Software Engineering

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