Buitenlandse invloeden op de Nederlandse grondwet van 1848
: De transnationale totstandkoming van een grondwetsherziening

Translated title of the thesis: Foreign influences on the Dutch constitution of 1848.: The transnational creation of a constitutional review.
  • H.l> van de Ven

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    This thesis deals with the question in what ways foreign examples have had their impact on the Dutch constitutional revision of 1848. The creation of the new constitution cannot be attributed to one actor or development, but has been a combination of all sorts (Inter ) National movements. The purpose of the research has always been to study this issue as extensively as possible, with any cultural-political transfers as a focus from abroad. Hereby it was not only released from the direct influence on the process and the end product of the constitutional revision of 1848, but also of the indirect influence, such as the political-theoretical context of constitutional debates.
    In summary, the conclusion can be drawn that foreign examples have had their impact on the creation of the Dutch Constitution of 1848 in the following ways:
    -The basic constitution of 1815. On this constitution that was largely based on French examples, a lot of influence has already been visible from abroad, including, in addition to France, from England Prussia and the US.
    -The inspiration of the 'state arrangement' strongly influenced by France. This was just like the constitution of 1815, a precursor who could serve as an example.
    -The knowledge and expertise of the committee members, the king and other politicians. There was a lot of knowledge about the constitutional situation abroad at the various actors. It also turned out to be in debates that other politicians were well aware of current events abroad.
    -The backgrounds and examples of the ideologies of the liberals, conservatives, Catholics and Protestants. When drawing up a new constitution, liberals and conservatives were often opposed to each other, as well as Catholics and Protestants. These groups were familiar with examples of foreign like-minded people. Moreover, these ideologies were often specifically arising abroad.
    -Actual events in Europe. These events, such as the February Revolution in France of 1848, had their impact on the creation of the constitutional provision immediately.
    -Messages about the practice of the constitutions abroad. These opinions have strongly influenced the debates on the Constitution.
    -Foreign constitutions that could serve as an example. Some items were even copied literally.
    The research contributes to the debate around historical comparison / comparative history, culture transfer and histoire croisée. The conclusions show that combining the three variations on national historiography ensure a comprehensive overview.
    Date of Award25 May 2022
    Original languageDutch
    SupervisorMartijn van der Burg (Supervisor) & Gemma Blok (Examiner)


    • cultural studies
    • cultuurgeschiedenis

    Master's Degree

    • Master Kunst en Cultuurwetenschappen

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