Business Process Model Quality: a validation of quality classifications on real-world business process models

  • R.H.P. (Randy) Dhondt

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Business process models, or process models, are used in many organizations and have been used increasingly in the past decades. Business process models are used to gain understanding of business processes and have various applications. This research focusses on the quantification of understandability of business process models, by using quality metrics and threshold values based on structural complexity of a process model. A case study has been used to gather business process models and assess the understandability of the models, by calculating a literature based quality classification. In turn, these results were discussed with professional process model users, to validate the usefulness of this quality classification. This research concludes, that the applicability of a quality classification, solely based on structural complexity can be a good indicator for understandability, but notational knowledge and visual layout cannot be neglected.
Date of Award24 Jun 2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorIrene Vanderfeesten (Examiner) & Guy Janssens (Co-assessor)


  • Business process models
  • process models
  • quality classification
  • quality metrics
  • threshold values
  • quality framework
  • understandability
  • complexity

Master's Degree

  • Master Business Process management & IT (BPMIT)

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