: Collaborative teams

  • T (Timo) Nadorp

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


An organization that adopts DevOps creates a different context. A transition demands a different approach. DevOps has several dimensions, one of them is collaboration. This research focuses on DevOps teams. An important element of collaboration in a DevOps team is the multifunctional nature of the team. This research investigates the influence is of a shared goal and shared understanding on collaboration in a DevOps context. Collaboration, and its main aspects, shared goal and shared understanding are redefined for a DevOps context and the relevant literature is discussed. The conceptual model provides sub aspects for every main aspect. Furthermore, the conceptual model is operationalized by defining a set of indicators. The impact of a shared goal and shared understanding on collaboration in a DevOps context is investigated via a case study. The conclusion is that these main aspects have a positive influence, resulting in more collaborative teams. The conceptual model portraits which sub aspects influence that process and the data corroborates and amends the relationships and indicators. Organizations should not underestimate the impact of shared goal and shared understanding on the collaboration of a DevOps team.
Date of Award21 Jun 2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJ.J.M. Trienekens (Examiner) & Michiel Van Belzen (Co-assessor)


  • Shared understanding
  • Shared Goal
  • Collaboration and DevOps

Master's Degree

  • Master Business Process management & IT (BPMIT)

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